When you, or a loved one, are struggling with everyday tasks that maintain independence, there are ways that we can help. An in-home caregiver can help with non-medical things, providing support, peace of mind, and a smiling face to combat the loneliness that can come with living alone.

What are some signs that it’s time to find a home care service provider?

If you find yourself struggling with bathing, fixing meals, getting around your home, or with MemoryCare, it might be time to think about some help. These are typically the signs that personal or companion services could be what you need.

What services does your non-medical home care provide?

Non-medical home care services help individuals with light housekeeping, bathing, grooming, grocery shopping, and meal preparation, or simply provide conversation and companionship.

What activities do your personal caregivers offer assistance with?

The first thing we do is evaluate each individual’s need, and then from there, we determine what services you may need, that being personal care or companion care. We evaluate you on things such as, whether you are bed-confined. Are you chair-confined? Do you need help transferring between your bed and your chair? Do you just need assistance with getting around your home because you’re using some type of assistive device? Do you need help standing while getting in the shower? Do you need help bathing? Do you need help with medication reminders? And so all of those services are encapsulated in either personal or companion services that can be provided by our caregivers.

Do insurances cover non-medical home care services?

Most insurances do. As an example, if you are on a managed Medicaid plan with long-term care benefits, there are coverage criteria for personal and companion services. In addition to that, you may have purchased a long-term care policy years ago, thinking it would provide cover if you ever needed to go into a nursing home. What most people may not know is that the policy likely also covers personal and companion services in your home. The VA provides and covers personal and companion care services in your home as well. Workers’ compensation also covers personal and companion services. Of course, you may have a need, and your insurance doesn’t cover it, but you’re able to pay privately. We accept private pay benefits as well.

What is the process like for finding the right caregiver for your needs?

The first thing we do when you make contact is looking at your insurance. We go through the verification process and look at whether your insurance actually provides coverage for personal and companion services in the home. Once that is confirmed, we will work with you to evaluate your needs. One of our trained registered nurses will reach out to you and speak to you about your services and your needs. They will come into your home and do a home and personal evaluation. They’re looking for things like whether you have stairs or if you have personal assistive devices, and they work to understand what it is that you need. They also understand your home environment, looking at how many stories your home is, whether you have pets such as dogs or cats if you smoke, are on oxygen, and what type of bedroom or bed setup, such as a hospital bed, you have. All of those things go into creating a care plan that is specific to your needs, then we take that care plan and match it to our caregivers. Our caregivers are CNAs or registered licensed home health aides. Each one of those aides is completely evaluated clinically to determine their skill sets and their preferences.

For example, some people are uncomfortable going into homes that may have a dog or a cat. We capture that information and use that to match each of the individual needs of both our patients and our caregivers. We allow for interviews. If you’re concerned about the person coming into your home and would like to interview them before they actually start, we can arrange that interview. It’s important that both you and the caregiver are completely comfortable with the services that will be provided.

Tell us more about Etairos Health

Etairos actually is the Greek word for partner. Etairos has over three decades of experience in home health. Our management team knows how to take care of individuals in their homes. They’re passionate and compassionate. That compassion comes through with everything that we do from hiring to the care that’s provided to the way that we treat each other as individuals. Etairos is an independently-owned and operated agency. We are a family-oriented company focused on family values that align with the needs of our patients and those who love them.

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